Lucia di Lammermoor

Music by

G. Donizetti


Lucia  Lisette Oropesa
Edgardo  Charles Castronovo - Oct 30, Nov 02, 08, 11
Edgardo  Ismael Jordi - Nov. 15, 20, 24, 27
Enrico  Christopher Maltman
Raimondo  Michele Pertusi
Normanno  Andrew Tortise
Arturo  Konu Kim
Alisa  Rachel Lloyd


Michele Mariotti


Katie Mitchell

Set Designer

Vicki Mortimer


Jon Clark


Joseph Alford


Lucia di Lammermoor is Donizetti’s tragic masterpiece. The opera marked the beginning of his partnership with regular collaborator librettist Salvadore Cammarano – who, as was the fashion of the day, looked to Walter Scott. Cammarano’s adaptation of Scott’s novel The Bride of Lammermoor moved Donizetti greatly with its tale of the tragic consequences of a forced marriage. In the subsequent score he produced not only some of his most beautiful but also his most dramatically potent music.

One of the UK’s most sought-after directors, Katie Mitchell created a new production for The Royal Opera in 2015. Mitchell compellingly draws the famous title character as a strong and independent woman who fiercely fights against her brother’s machinations. A spectacular split-screen set designed by Vicki Mortimer metes out the tragic events of Donizetti’s opera with devastating precision.

Performance History

Lisette has given 13 performances as Lucia.