Lucia di Lammermoor

Music by

G. Donizetti

Symphony Hall

Phoenix, AZ

Friday October 12, 2012 - 8:00 PM
Sunday October 14, 2012 - 8:00 PM

Tucson Music Hall

Phoenix, AZ

Saturday October 20, 2012 - 8:00 PM


Lucia  Lisette Oropesa
Edgardo  Joseph Wolverton
Enrico  Mark Walters
Raimondo  Jordan Bisch
Arturo  Samuel Levine
Alisa  Laura Wilde
Normanno  David Margulis


Steven White


Fenlon Lamb


In the Scottish highlands, a feud drives men to murder and a woman to madness. Fragile Lucia secretly loves Edgardo, the sworn enemy of her brother, Enrico. To ensure the Lammermoor family retains its standing, Enrico is determined to marry his sister to the scion of a powerful family. Enrico’s deceitful scheme forces Lucia into a loveless marriage, driving the devastated girl toward madness. In the battle between love and family, will anyone win? 
Hailed by the New York Times for her magnetism and seductive tones, famed Soprano Lisette Oropesa plays the role of Lucia. Ornate costumes and grand, gloomy Scottish castles are the backdrop for this Arizona Opera production of Donizetti’s dramma tragic, set in the 17th century. Sung in Italian with English subtitles. 

Lisette Oropesa interviewed with 100.3 La Kalle

Interview with 100.3 La Kalle

Yesterday I was interviewed by Erika Reyna with 100.3 La Kalle about Lucia at Arizona Opera



Review: 'Lucia' star stuns Tucson audience

"You could exhaust the dictionary looking for the perfect words to describe coloratura soprano Lisette Oropesa’s performance at Tucson Music Hall Saturday night. “Arresting.” “Stunning.” “Magnificent.” “Sublime.” Extraordinary.” They come to mind alongside “brilliant,” “breath-taking,” ‘divine” and “fearless.”"

—  Cathalena E. Burch  •  Arizona Daily Star