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Thank you to Gretchen Dukowitz and Vegan Lifestyle Magazine for taking the time to talk with me about my vegan lifestyle! Check out the February 2017 (Issue 37) edition of the magazine on the App Store and the Google Play Store for the full article!

With Oropesa's commit­ meant to her career, the decision to go vegan seemed like an obvious next step. "I get paid to use my body, and I don't do well with not feeling well, like having my vocal chords swell because I'm eating dairy," Oropesa says. "I went vegan to get my diet to where it was the healthiest that it could be. Then I developed taste for real food in a way that I hadn't before. I had an awakening about food, and now my diet keeps me happy and level."

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Lisette's DC Recital Debut receives rave reviews


Soprano delivers a seemingly effortless performance at UDC theater

March 12, 2017

For someone with the slight build of a marathon runner (she is one, and apparently a very good one, too), Oropesa gives an impression of having limitless resources of vocal power, which, wisely, she managed to keep under wraps for this program while never sounding reined in. She’s a lyric soprano with the kind of seamless voice that can travel smoothly on a single vowel from the bottom of her huge range to the top, arriving pianissimo and in tune — and then sustaining it effortlessly (or so it sounded) for an apparent eternity. This, coupled with astonishingly accurate agility, made Haydn’s “Ragion Nell’alma Siede” something for the opera-lovers in the audience to revel in instead of having to hang on for dear life while hoping for a safe landing. 

—  Joan Reinthaler  •  Washington Post

Lisette Oropesa shines brightest in opera with Vocal Arts DC

March 12, 2017

The evening opened with “Ragion nell’alma siede,” an aria from Haydn’s opera Il mondo della luna. It was a gutsy move, and Oropesa easily filled the smaller venue with sound. The accuracy during runs was striking, as were the highest notes, all produced with facility. Her tone turned especially limpid on the little cadenza. Pianist Vlad Iftinca, who was a consummate musical partner throughout the program, gave vitality to the long introduction to the piece.

—  Charles T. Downey  •  Washington Classical Review
Lisette Oropesa as Ophélie in Opera de Lausanne's HAMLET

Listen online to HAMLET from Opera de Lausanne


Listen to HAMLET

From the performance on the 12th of Feburary at the Opéra de Lausanne on A l'opéra

Ghost of the late King Hamlet DANIEL GOLOSSOV


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Lisette Oropesa answering questions from singers during her facebook live coaching.

A response for singers in my facebook live coaching.


Hi everyone! Thank you so much for all of the amazing feedback and response from my coaching yesterday. I wasn't able to answer every question during the actual facebook-live video, so I have decided to post a follow-up video for you all!

Here's the link to the previous video:

If you are looking for the answer to a specific question, here are the time-stamps are below to guide you through the video.

Alyssa Holley · 0:54 I'm a young soprano who is having issues with my breath. I collapse too quickly and I blow too much air out. Any exercises that might be helpful for me? Thank you!

Martha Meacham Dugas · 5:25 What role in Traviata did you rescue?

OC Rossini · 5:32 Can you perhaps trill in the long AH before the reprise? Your trill is so great and it would help show the ecstasy. Sills does that on her recording.

Callie Cooper · 5:54 When are you doing Violetta again?!

Paul Kentor · 6:30 What are your impressions (either of you) working with a coach/ singer of the opposite gender?

Natalia Trigo · 7:50 Is there a technical tip for the coloratura and the high F in the first Queen of the Night aria?

Leah Schweighofer · 9:42 What advice do you have for young singers who are undergraduate students?

Natalia Trigo · 11:50 Any tips for the soprano passaggio between E and G5?

Giacomo Nanni · 13:01 Did you ever study with Angela Gheorghiu? I heard your mozzafiato Gilda in Rome and I found some similarity ancora complimenti anyway

Tracie Rhesean Davis · 13:23 Healthiest/best ways to MARK?

Tamara Ivaniš · 14:48 do you vocalise every day? how do you deal with days when you are "not in a good voice"? you are amazing, thank you!

Patricia Westley · 18:18 What is the favourite role you've ever performed? And which role has been your most challenging?

Jeanne Mann · 19:46 I'm confused...I thought your teacher was Bill Schuman in NYC? DO you have two teachers? Is that common ?

Jim Politowski · 24:14 why do you seek more input now?? is it the same routine in preparing for every new performance??

Wong Jun Wen · 24:53 When is your plan to release an album? I'm really looking forward to it!