La traviata


La traviata

Lisette Oropesa, La traviata

A Heartrending and Provocative Tragedy

The Dresdener Philharmonie, Sächsischer Staatsopernchor Dresden and conductor Daniel Oren present Verdi’s masterpiece La Traviata, together with a stellar cast including René Barbera as Alfredo, Lester Lynch as Germont, and world star soprano Lisette Oropesa as Violetta. Verdi’s opera from 1853 was revolutionary in the sense that it presented a subject of its own time, rather than the usual historically remote stories. Interestingly enough, this tragic story of a woman sacrificing her love to save the honour of her beloved’s family still feels as fresh and topical as ever before, explaining its unrelenting popularity. La Traviata is an endless outpour of memorable melodies with a gripping dramatic pace, as well as a tale that is both heartrending and provocative. The main soprano role gradually shifts from coloratura virtuosity to a more lyrical, dramatic idiom when the tragedy progresses, and this performance shows Oropesa’s fluency in both styles. After having sung the title role in the greatest opera houses worldwide, this studio recording captures her unparalleled interpretation for generations to come.

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La traviata

Giuseppe Verdi (1813-1901) La Traviata (1853)
Opera in three acts
Libretto by Francesco Maria Piave

Disc 1
Act 1

1. Preludio (Orchestra)
2. Introduzione (Coro, Violetta, Flora, Marchese, Barone, Dottore, Gastone, Alfredo)
3. Brindisi: Libiamo ne’ lieti calici (the same)
4. Valzer: Che è ciò? (the same) — Duetto: Un dì felice (Alfredo, Violetta)
5. Stretta dell’Introduzione Atto 1: Si ridesta in ciel l’aurora (Flora, Gastone, Barone, Dottore, Marchese, Coro)
6. Scena ed Aria Violetta – Finale Atto 1: È strano — Ah! fors’è lui (Violetta, Alfredo)

Act 2

7. Scena ed Aria Alfredo: Lunge da lei — De’ miei bollenti spiriti (Alfredo, Annina)
8. Scena e Duetto: Alfredo? — Pura siccome un angelo — Dite alla giovine

Disc 2
Continuation of Act 2

1. Scena ed Aria Germont: Ah, vive sol quel core — Di Provenza il mar (Alfredo, Giuseppe, Un Commissionario, Germont)
2. Finale II: Avrem lieta di maschere la notte (Flora, Dottore, Marchese)
3. Coro di Zingarelle (Coro, Flora, Marchese, Dottore)
4. Coro di Mattadori Spagnuoli (Coro, Gastone, Dottore, Marchese, Flora)
5. Seguito del Finale II: Alfredo! Voi! (Flora, Gastone, Barone, Dottore, Marchese, Alfredo, Coro)
6. Qui desiata giungi (Flora, Violetta, Barone, Alfredo, Gastone, Marchese, Coro, Un Servo)
7. Invitato a qui seguirmi (Violetta, Alfredo, Flora, Gastone, Barone, Dottore, Marchese, Coro)
8. Oh, infamia orribile (Gastone, Barone, Dottore, Marchese, Coro)
9. Largo del Finale II: Di sprezzo degno (Germont, Alfredo, Flora, Gastone, Barone, Dottore, Marchese, Coro, Violetta)

Act 3

10. Andante (Orchestra)
11. Scena: Annina? (Violetta, Annina, Dottore)
12. Scena Violetta: Teneste la promessa... — Attendo, attendo (Violetta)
13. Aria Violetta: Addio, del passato (Violetta)
14. Baccanale: Largo al quadrupede sir della festa (Coro)
15. Scena e Duetto Violetta ed Alfredo: Signora... — Parigi, o cara, noi lasceremo (Annina, Violetta, Alfredo)
16. Finale ultimo: Ah Violetta! (Germont, Violetta, Alfredo, Dottore, Annina)
Violetta Valery Lisette Oropesa, Soprano
Alfredo Germont René Barbera, Tenor
Giorgio Germont Lester Lynch, Baritone
Flora Bervoix Ilseyar Khayrullova, Mezzo-Soprano
Annina Menna Cazel, Soprano
Gastone Francesco Pittari, Tenor
Barone Douphol Allen Boxer, Baritone
Marquese d’Obigny Biagio Pizzuti, Baritone
Dottore Grenvil Alexander Köpeczi, Bass

Choir soloists:
Giuseppe Tobias Schrader, Tenor
Un Servo Reinhold Schreyer-Morlock, Bass
Un Commissionario Alexander Födisch, Bass

Sächsischer Staatsopernchor Dresden
Chorus Master André Kellinghaus

Dresdner Philharmonie Concertmaster
Wolfgang Hentrich

Assistant to the Conductor Paolo Spadaro Munitto

Conducted by Daniel Oren

Lisette Oropesa, La traviata


Executive Producers Frauke Roth (Dresdner Philharmonie)
Job Maarse (San Francisco Classical Recording Company, SFCRC)

Recording Producer Job Maarse (SFCRC)
Balance Engineer & Editing Erdo Groot (Polyhymnia International) Recording Engineer Andreas Wolf (for Polyhymnia International) Production Manager Christina Gembaczka (for SFCRC)
Italian Language Coach Stefano Cascioli
Special thanks to Victoria Esper, Almut Placke, Claudia Woldt, Adelheid Schloemann, Jens Eichler and the entire administration team of the Dresdner Philharmonie
Liner notes Francesco Izzo | German translation liner notes Lilian Peter
Design Lucia Ghielmi | Product Management Kasper van Kooten
Product Coordination Christina Gembaczka

Cover photo and inside cover photo of Lisette Oropesa:
Photographer Liancary | Fashion Designer Anton Krug
Hair & Make-up Salon Jennifer Haas — Hair & Make-Up Art

This album was recorded in March 2021
at the Kulturpalast Dresden, Germany.
A San Francisco Classical Recording Company Production

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La traviata