Lisette Oropesa interview with Taminophile

I had a wonderful converstaion with David Browning (Taminophile) via skype and we chatted about my roles, my journey and the future!

Any roles from your fach you don’t want to sing, or to sing again?

In the past I’ve been offered the role of Despina, but I am not interested in it. I don’t really care for the role, and even though the opera has some sublime moments, I just don’t love it, so I have never agreed to do it.

But I do love Nozze and have had nothing but joy as Susanna. My calendar has been filling up with other things, though, and I don’t have any more planned. I probably won’t do it any more. I might sing the Countess one day, but I’m not flying toward lyric-land. Another Mozart role I would love to sing is Ilia. I’m singing the aria in a concert this summer. I would love for someone to hear it and cast me as Ilia.

I have been offered Blonde before and I have turned it down because it sits too high for me. Same goes for several other higher roles like Zerbinetta and Lakmé. I just don’t have a solid high E. My voice is more suited to Konstanze; I’ve done it several times, and will continue to keep singing it, fortunately. It’s one of my most performed roles and I think the opera is a total masterpiece.

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