Lisette is interviewed for the Finnish YLE

The Finnish television station and newspaper interviewed me for my upcoming performances of I MASNADIERI at the Savonlinna Opera Festival!

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Soprano, vegan and runner

Oropesa takes good care of his physics. He's a vegan and he's running, including marathons. Oropesa thinks there is much to do with running and singing.

- There is a lot of work to be done in singing on the stage: sweat, used energy in the same way as running. The breathing is very deep and powerful. Also singing posture, relaxation and focus are important.

Running is, according to Oropesa, a better singer and vice versa.

Good condition has been the use of Olavinlinna. The 35-year-old soprano has become accustomed to the world's first homes such as the Metropolitan and Royal Opera, which were originally built for theater. Olavinlinna is another country. Its inputs and exits from the stage work out.

- The places that will be on stage are really interesting. Sometimes we have to get under the stairs, sometimes we go down a huge amount of stairs. It is not easy to move in this suit, Oropesa says and points out his long-standing role.

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