Lisette is interviewed by My Chicago Athlete about her fitness regimen in Chicago

I had a fantastic time talking with Mandi Florip from My Chicago Athlete about my regimen for Daughter of the Regiment here in Chicago and fitness in general! 

“I have cut way back on distance as my performance schedule has ramped up,” she explained. “But it is still my favorite type of running to have in my life, and truly my sweet spot. I think the mental experience of a long run is unmatchable by anything just quick and short. But I still get out there as often as possible because being outside and in the fresh air is still amazing.”

For Lisette a demanding performance schedule also means traveling to new places and challenging herself with new running routes. I asked her for tips on traveling and staying active. “The best thing to do is to not get too set on a time or schedule. Any run is better than no run. But don’t beat yourself up if there’s too much going on. Know that once your travel days are up, you’ll get to run on fresh terrain, and that’s always exciting.”

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