Lisette Oropesa interviewed in Opera Wire

Thank you so much to Polina Lyapustina for talking with me for Operawire and coming to see my Elisir at the Opéra national de Paris! It was a really fantastic interview and I loved the questions that you asked.

OW: This year you had several recitals. How do you choose what to perform? And what is the most important and exciting thing about the concerts?

LO: I have a hard time with it, because there’s a lot of repertoire that I like, and I try to find things that are new.

I try to sing songs and lieder that I don’t know yet because I want it to be a challenge. I prepare my own translations, I prepare my own programs, and it’s a lot of very personal work. I think preparing recitals is more work than preparing a role. You have to make all the final decisions: tempo, pianist, what you want to wear, what order you’re doing. That’s great. I like it so much, but it’s hard work.

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