Music by

George Frideric Handel


Rodelinda  Lisette Oropesa
Bertarido  Bejun Mehta
Flavio  Fabián Augusto Gómez
Grimoaldo  Joel Prieto
Eduige  Sasha Cooke
Unulf  Gerald Thompson
Garibaldo  Gianluca Margheri


Josep Pons


Claus Guth


Ramses Sigl


Joachim Klein


Andi Müler


Contender Bejun Mehta and soprano Lisette Oropesa lead one of the pearls of the season

Rodelinda is the wife of King Bertarido, who is given by death. Grimolado is the usurper of the throne and aspires to share the bed with Rodelinda. A plot of love and power, ambition and contrasting characters, in the framework of one of Händel's most unjustly unknown operas, written at the height of the trajectory of the German musician in London. Claus Guth tells the story through the imagination and fears of Flavio, the son of the kings, as part of a show that is faithful to the spirit of music and history immortalized by the master pen of Georg Friedrich Händel . An ideal cast for one of the operas that best summarized the spirit of opera would be the first third of the eighteenth century, with the role of the great counter-agent Bejun Mehta, a true specialist in this repertoire.

Performance History

Lisette has given 0 performances as Rodelinda.