Lisette singing La travaita at the Metropolitan Opera

Thank you so much to Jacobo Zabalo for interviewing me ahead of my opening of La traviata here in Barcelona!

- And amid so much cancellation, overnight you get the opportunity to make a substitution and sing La traviata in Barcelona. Did you take a long time to decide?

Without thinking I answered “of course I do!”, Because I love Barcelona. There is an energy that is only found here, it has to do with art, music, culture. But it is also in the people. It is perceived when walking down the street. In style and design. Also, the people in Barcelona are very nice. It is a city to fall in love with. When I'm here, I like to go running in Barceloneta. On my first trip I was fascinated with the Sagrada Familia, which I hope to be able to visit again. Of course, the nightlife is also very characteristic, a pity to find everything so different, these days.

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