Running, Eating, Thinking: A Vegan Anthology

Running, Eating, Thinking: A Vegan Anthology is a new book by Martin Rowe, a celebrated author. Martin is a marathoner and vegan, like myself, and had attended the Brooklyn Marathon last year when I sang the national anthem. He contacted me and said he was writing an e-book on running and veganisim and asked if I would contribute along with 14 other people (I didn't know who they were at the time). Of course I said yes and the rest is history. As it turns out, his publisher, Lantern Books, decided to publish the book! So please grab your copy and let me know what you think.

Featured Authors:
Gene Baur - Farm Sanctuary
Catherine Berlot
JL Fields - JL goes Vegan
Matt Frazier - No Meat Athlete
Christine Frietchen
Cassandra Greenwald - Our Hen House
Gordon Harvey - This Running Life
Ellen Jaffe Jones - The Veg Coach
James McWilliams
Lisette Oropesa
Colleen Patrick-Goudreau - Compassionate Cook
Kimatni Rawlins - Automotive Rhythms
Martin Rowe
Jasmin Singer - Our Hen House
Scott Spitz - Run Fast, Run Vegan
and with a Foreword by Paul Shapiro of the Humane Society

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