Music by

Ambroise Thomas


Hamlet  Ludovic Tézier
Ophélie  Lisette Oropesa
Claudius  Jean Teitgen
Laërte  Julien Behr
Ghost of the late King Hamlet  Clive Bayley
Horatio  Frédéric Caton
Marcellus  Julien Henric
Gertrude  Eve-Maud Hubeaux


Thomas Hengelbrock


Ching-Lien Wu


Krzysztof Warlikowski


Małgorzata Szczęśniak


Felice Ross


Denis Guéguin


Claude Bardouil


Christian Longchamp


In the course of the 19th century, Shakespeare’s works were a constant source of inspiration for the Romantics. In particular, The Tragic History of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, one of the English playwright’s most famous plays, dominated by the existential questions of the title role – To be or not to be –, the ghost of his murdered father and his doomed love for Ophelia. Alexandre Dumas père was himself fascinated by this drama and in 1847 he produced a highly successful adaptation. It was on the basis of this version that Michel Carré and Jules Barbier gave Ambroise Thomas the libretto for Hamlet, the last opera to be performed in the Salle Le Peletier. Inspired by the musical and dramaturgical forms of French grand opera, the composer imbues the story with an intensity that contributes to the beauty of the score. A milestone of opera for which Krzysztof Warlikowski, ever fathoming the depths of the human psyche, redraws the Shakespearean contours.

Performance History

Lisette has given 5 performances as Ophélie.