Lisette Oropesa, who plays Nannetta, sings with a breathtaking sustained high float.
Dec. 9, 2013
Ronni Reich

Lisette Oropesa tiene una voz pequeña pero bella. Su Nannetta, junto al Fenton de Sola, formó un dúo de enamorados, juveniles y tiernos, y destacaría, entre las características de su técnica, su excelente fiato.

Mundo Classico
May 22, 2010
Javier del Olivo

The vocal highlight of the evening was - as expected - Lisette Oropesa's spun-moonlight rendering of Nannetta's enchanting aria "Sul fin d'un soffio etesio" where the soprano was lovingly supported by the conductor.

Oberon's Grove
Dec. 10, 2013


Lisette Oropesa est l'exemple même de chanteuse américaine très préparée, techniquement sans failles, mais qui a aussi une vraie personnalité scénique, lumineuse, engagée.

Blog du Wanderer
June 9, 2014

Nanetta’s music is a gift to any light soprano, and the Met has fortunately cast Lisette Oropesa, possibly the best singer they have in this Fach. She sang “Sul fil d'un soffio etesio” with beautifully light, clear, crystalline tone, and her high notes hang in the air forever.

Likely Impossibilities
Dec. 7, 2013

With her beautifully floated, vibrant soprano Ms Oropesa was simply bewitching in Nannetta's Fairy Queen aria, “Sul fil d’un soffio etesio”

June 12, 2014
Jenny Camilleri

Lisette Oropesa played Nannetta as an adorable young teenybopper, comfortable at home in pedal pushers, while poised and pert in public, and spinning sustained high notes with gossamer beauty.

Dec. 7, 2013
Lee B. Ahmo

By the end of their scene in the first act, she delivered an ethereal sustained high A-flat that was sung almost pianissimo and emphasized the purity of Nannetta's love for Fenton. She sang with utmost delicacy throughout the "Sul fil d'un soffio etesio," her voice reaching a breathtaking climax on a sustained high-A on the phrase "Carmi e malie" that included the most subtle of swells in the middle of the note.

Latinos Post
Dec. 7, 2013
David Salazar

As Nannetta, Lisette Oropesa, looking like the young Debbie Reynolds in a ponytail, is a charmer. Her rendition of “Sul fil d’un soffio” was one of the evening’s highlights.

Epoch Times
Jan. 5, 2014
Barry Bassis

Nanetta, interprétée par Lisette Oropesa (Gilda surprise la saison dernière à Bastille). Elle aussi soprano, sa voix plus légère et son vibrato serré insufflent une certaine innocence au personnage, gazouillant naïvement pendant que les autres protagonistes montent des stratagèmes pour se piéger. Ses aigus cristallins et sa maîtrise du souffle impressionnent le public, notamment à l'acte III, où, déguisée en Reine des fées, elle produit de merveilleuses envolées lyriques.

Oct. 5, 2017
Malory Matignon

Lisette Oropesa, als jonge bakvis Nannetta uithuilend bij een bak ijs, klinkt puur en zuiver. In de verkleedscène in het bos is ze een engelachtige Feeënkoningin.

NRC Handelsblad
June 10, 2014
Floris Don

...the wonderfully silky, bell-like soprano of Lisette Oropesa, whose Nanetta charmed without cloying. Her sustained high notes during “Sul fil d’un soffio” were as magical as one could hope for.

New York Classical Review
Dec. 7, 2013
Eric Myers

Nannetta, the winning soprano Lisette Oropesa, sings with effortless grace and lyrical bloom.

New York Times
Dec. 7, 2013
Anthony Tommasini