Music by

Giuseppe Verdi

Palacio Euskalduna Jauregia

Bilbao, ES

Saturday May 22, 2010 - 8:00 PM
Tuesday May 25, 2010 - 8:00 PM
Friday May 28, 2010 - 8:00 PM
Monday May 31, 2010 - 8:00 PM


Sir John Falstaff  Michele Pertusi
Alice Ford  Amarilli Nizza
Ford  Angel Odena
Meg Page  Manuela Custer
Nannetta  Lisette Oropesa
Fenton  José Luis Sola
Doctor Caius  Gregory Bonfatti
Pistola  Nikolai Didenko
Bardolfo  Mikeldi Atxalandabaso
Mrs. Quickly  Ewa Podles


Marco Armiliato


Arnaud Bernard


Boris Duchin

Set Designer

Alessandro Camera


Carla Ricotti


Robert Venturi


Returning to the venerable, so full of passion and gratitude ... The man who was Verdi reached the end of his life through the eyes of a child who has just awakened. One need only view the photos of that time, he looks so fragile, smiling and slanted eyes ... As if peering into the shadows of a world with more colors, lighter and just. Al teacher Busseto anyone ever gave him anything, he suffered the loss of his wife and two children, met envy, slander and failure. Between 1842 and 1853 passed the so-called 'galley years', a period that was not even a breath: an annual rate of two operas, essays, travel and business commitments thousand and librettists, there were days when he forgot eat until late at night ...
And with so much chatter, our Verdi became 76 years fresher than a rose. In 1889 he had plenty of energy to design a masterpiece. Can check on the functions of 'Falstaff' hosting the ABAO in venue. A production of the Teatro San Carlo in Naples, which will stage director Arnaud Bernard and conducted by Marco Armiliato. Another point to consider: the Orchestra of Reggio di Parma in the genes carries the keys of this score, in the birthplace of Verdi fans know whistling the tunes of his works even under water. If you are propitious deities and penates, everything points to an interpretation worthy of the composer.


Verdi de primera división

Lisette Oropesa tiene una voz pequeña pero bella. Su Nannetta, junto al Fenton de Sola, formó un dúo de enamorados, juveniles y tiernos, y destacaría, entre las características de su técnica, su excelente fiato.

—  Javier del Olivo  •  Mundo Classico

Performance History

Lisette has given 25 performances as Nannetta.