Lisette is interviewed with the National Association of Teachers of Singing in their Voices of Covid series.

I had a great chat with Tim Bostwick from The National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS) about life in the post COVID world.  Here is a link to the rest of the article.

TB: So, as most people are likely familiar with your career, what would you say is one of the proudest moments you have had so far?

LO: I would probably say this past season. I was featured at the Met [Metropolitan Opera] in two leading roles for Manon and La Traviata [Singing Manon and Violetta, respectively]. Two very similar storylines up to a point, but they’re two very different characters and very different styles of opera. They were both really beautifully received, and really wonderful successes for me and for the entire cast. I just felt privileged to have an opportunity to sing at the Met in roles like that after having been a young artist there. Having basically grown up there, I just felt like I made it. Really made it, and that made me feel very good this year.

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