I Masnadieri

Music by

Giuseppe Verdi

Bayerische Staatsoper

München, DE


Massimiliano  Erwin Schrott
Carlo  Charles Castronovo
Francesco  George Petean
Amalia  Lisette Oropesa
Arminio  Kevin Conners
Moser  Roman Chabaranok
Rolla  Tansel Akzeybek


Antonino Fogliani


Johannes Erath

Set Designer

Kaspar Glarner


Olaf Freese


Lea Heutelbeck


Stellario Fagone


Malte Krasting


Verdi's Lesser-Known Masterpiece

Discover a Verdi composition that remains a hidden gem, I masnadieri. This opera begins with an intensity that grips you from the very first note. It's a fervent narrative, ablaze with emotions of love and hatred, depicting characters in a desperate search for an outlet for their overwhelming passions. The arias are so emotionally charged, they seem to burst at the seams.

A German Tale through Italian Opera

Verdi's creative genius transforms Friedrich Schiller's The Robbers into an Italian opera masterpiece. Characters undergo a cultural metamorphosis: Karl and Franz are reimagined as Carlo and Francesco. However, instead of battling societal wrongs as in Schiller's play, the opera delves into a complex family saga. This narrative is steeped in early loss, sibling rivalry, unfulfilled desires, and misinterpreted needs. Tactics of slander, blackmail, and violent confrontations are the tools of this deeply personal conflict.

Personalizing Political Struggle

In this opera, Verdi shifts the focus from the original political turmoil of the robbers to a personal plane, emphasizing that the true conflict lies within the individuals, not the era. I masnadieri was commissioned by Her Majesty’s Theater in London, marking Verdi's first opera composed for a theater outside Italy. This piece signifies a pivotal moment, concluding Verdi's early, strenuous years of composition. Alongside Macbeth, this opera hints at seismic shifts, with underlying tensions ready to erupt. This is mirrored in every note, from the solos to the iconic robber choirs.

A Chamber Play of Grand Scale

Johannes Erath brings his unique vision to this opera, previously acclaimed for his deep dive into the characters of Un ballo in maschera in Munich. He presents I masnadieri as a chamber play of extravagant dimensions, offering audiences a rich, immersive experience.

Performance History

Lisette has given 14 performances as Amalia.