Il Turco in Italia

Music by

G. Rossini

Teatro Real

Madrid, ES


Selim  Alex Esposito
Fiorilla  Lisette Oropesa
Don Geronio  Mischa Kiria
Narciso  Edgardo Rocha
Prosdocimo  Florian Sempey
Zaida  Paola Gardina
Albazar  Pablo García-López


Giacomo Sagripanti


Laurent Pelly

Set Designer

Chantal Thomas


Andrés Máspero


Jean-Jacques Delmotte



"Il Turco in Italia" is an opera in two acts by Gioachino Rossini. The story centers around Selim, a Turkish nobleman who has been exiled from his home and is traveling in Italy. He meets a group of Italian characters, including the wealthy Corrado and his wife Fiorilla. Selim becomes infatuated with Fiorilla, who is intrigued by his exotic and mysterious nature. Corrado, on the other hand, is jealous of Selim's attention towards his wife and is determined to get rid of him.

As the story unfolds, Selim and Fiorilla engage in a flirtatious and playful relationship, but Selim's true feelings for her become clear. He expresses his love for her and is heartbroken when she tells him that she can never be his. Meanwhile, Corrado's jealousy continues to grow and he plots to get rid of Selim.

As Selim and Fiorilla's relationship becomes more complicated, comedic misunderstandings arise among the other characters. Selim's servant, Albazar, is also in love with Fiorilla and tries to win her over. However, his attempts are constantly thwarted by Selim and Corrado. In the end, Selim comes to realize that his feelings for Fiorilla can never be reciprocated and decides to return to Turkey.

The opera ultimately ends with Selim leaving and Fiorilla and Corrado reconciling their marriage. Though Selim's love for Fiorilla was not meant to be, his journey in Italy has helped him come to terms with his exile and find closure in his past. The work is marked by its mix of serious and lighthearted moments and its exploration of themes of love, jealousy, and self-discovery.

Lisette is interviewed in 20 Minutos Spain about her upcoming Il Turco in Italia performances in Madrid!

Interview - 20 Minutos Spain

Lisette is interviewed in 20 Minutos Spain about her upcoming Il Turco in Italia performances in Madrid!


Performance History

Lisette has given 7 performances as Fiorilla.