Palais Garnier

Paris, FR


Soprano  Lisette Oropesa
Baritone  Ludovic Tézier


Thomas Hengelbrock


Victoria Sitjà


Louis Sady


Ching-Lien Wu


Since its inauguration on 5 January 1875, the Palais Garnier has never ceased to captivate the public. Its sumptuous architecture and the wealth of decorative marble, mosaics, sculptures and paintings make it an exceptional building. A showcase for the performing arts, a place for social interaction and a national emblem, the Palais Garnier has spanned the course of artistic and political history to become a monument known the world over.

To mark this anniversary, a series of events is planned throughout 2025, starting with a Gala bringing together all the artistic forces of the Opera. Musicians from the Orchestra, members of the Chorus and the Academy, dancers from the Ballet and the Ballet School and guest artists will celebrate the anniversary of this temple of the arts, music and dance.