Don Pasquale

Music by

G. Donizetti


Don Pasquale  Renato Girolami
Dr Malatesta  Andrey Zhilikhovsky
Ernesto  Andrew Stenson
Norina  Lisette Oropesa


Giacomo Sagripanti


Mariame Clément


A critically acclaimed revival directed by Mariame Clément, this opulent period staging catches the sparkling essence of Donizetti’s tuneful tale of an old bachelor’s romantic delusions and the young lovers who outwit him.

Pasquale, a man no longer in the first flush of youth, hopes to marry and produce an heir, being dissatisfied with the current holder of that position, his nephew Ernesto, who has had the audacity to fall in love with Norina, an impoverished widow. The plot thickens, twists and turns as Pasquale’s supposed friend Dr Malatesta assists Ernesto and Norina in complex and increasingly vindictive deception.

Don Pasquale’s witty musical score combines graceful lyricism with rollicking comedy, all fuelled by the seductive rhythm of the waltz.

London Philharmonic Orchestra 

Performance History

Lisette has given 0 performances as Norina.