Lisette Oropesa as Miranda showed once again that she is one of the most radiant (yet sadly underused) talents at the Met

Jan. 1, 2012

Lisette Oropesa’s pliant, luminous tone makes much of Miranda’s music

The Classical Review
Jan. 1, 2012
Marion Lignana Rosenberg

The lyric soprano Lisette Oropesa brought a gleaming voice and beguiling grace to Miranda.

New York Times
Jan. 1, 2012
Anthony Tommasini

The Enchanted Island

Much of "The Enchanted Island" is quite humorous. Miranda, delightfully sung by Lisette Oropesa, is Prospero's charming eligible daughter, who seems to be loved by everyone. Without wishing to typecast and thus narrow her future career options, I'd say Oropesa is a natural for this sort of role.

San Francisco Chronicle
Jan. 12, 2012
Jerome R. Sehulster