Roméo et Juliette

Music by

Charles Gounod

Olavinlinna Castle

Savonlinna, FI




Roméo  Amitai Pati
Roméo  Antonio Poli - July 5th
Juliette  Lisette Oropesa
Frere Laurent  Timo Riihonen
Mercutio  Kevin Greenlaw
Tybalt  Sam Furness
Stéphano  Carolyn Sproule
Capulet  Arttu Kataja
Gertrude  Irina Nuutinen
Paris  Luke Terence Scott
Gregory  Henri Uusitalo
Duke  Ari Hosio
Benvolio  Eero Lasorla


Yves Abel


Amy Lane

Set Designer

Emma Ryott


Charlie Morgan Jones


Michael Barry


Jan Schweiger


While Faust may be Gounod’s best-known work, Romeo and Juliet is his most cherished. It’s easy to see why. The music moves towards its climax duet by duet, developing the young lovers’ relationship towards its inevitable conclusion.

Award-winning director Amy Lane, the Artistic Director of the Copenhagen Opera Festival, has set the events in late 19th century New York, in the dimly lit streets where the Capulets and Montagues fight over supremacy. The constant sense of danger builds fascinating tension against the voluminous music.

Two couples alternate in the lead roles. The superstar Lisette Oropesa has Amitai Pati as her Romeo, and Marjukka Tepponen, who recently debuted at the Metropolitan Opera, sings with Antonio Poli. Nor does the brilliance end there – Lisette Oropesa also sings in a recital concert in Olavinlinna on 9 July. 

The opera is a Malmö Opera production, which premiered in Sweden in November 2022.


Romeo ja Julia traileri 2023 / Romeo and Juliet trailer

Interview with soprano Lisette Oropesa

Lisette speaks with SWR2 Radio about her roles and life as a singer

SWR2 - Interview

Lisette speaks with SWR2 Radio about her roles and life as a singer



Soprano Lisette Oropesa and tenor Amitai Pati shine as the lovers of Savonlinna's Romeo and Juliet

The biggest star of the production is the soprano Lisette Oropesa , whose interpretation of the young Julia is not only amazing vocal art, but also fresh stage work, which depicts a young person in love first brightly, then in darker tones when things in love start to go seriously wrong.

—  Samuli Tiikkaja HS  •  Helsingin Sanomat

Opera Review | Lisette Oropesa and Amatai Pati shine as the star couple of the opera festival's new

Lisette Oropesa is a world star, and on Saturday night we saw and heard what that means. Her supple, beautiful voice reaches very high without effort, even the most difficult patterns serve expression and story. Everything is easy and natural, beautiful, and even the quiet voices carry.

Oropesa is a fairy-like, delicate and sweet Julia, in a word, enchanting. Even the hit aria from the beginning, Je vex vivre, plays with a sparkling sweetness. As the story became more dramatic, so did the voice, the young girl's exuberance growing into a grown woman's anguish.

—  Riitta-Leena Lempinen-Vesa  •  Itä-Savo

Performance History

Lisette has given 3 performances as Juliette.