Il Turco in Italia

Music by

G. Rossini


Selim  Alex Esposito
Fiorilla  Lisette Oropesa
Don Geronio  Misha Kiria
Narciso  Michele Angelini
Prosdocimo  Nikolay Borchev
Zaida  Kayleigh Decker
Albazar  Granit Musliu


Gianluca Capuano


Christof Loy

Set Designer

Herbert Murauer


Reinhard Traub


Jacqueline Davenport


Stellario Fagone


A turbulent comedy by Gioachino Rossini, and as timely as tomorrow: a Turkish prince wants to familiarize himself with European customs. For example, in Naples – unlike back home – he cannot simply buy another man’s wife. But the confusion on a camping ground finally becomes just the right subject matter for writer Prosdocimo. He has been looking for material for his new book and then gets totally mixed up in the interpersonal entanglements... No reason not to give Turkey’s application to join the EC a second thought. Staged with enchanting wit beyond all folklore by Christof Loy: a romp set against a serious background. Multi-culti can be fun!

Performance History

Lisette has given 6 performances as Fiorilla.